Centralize Kubernetes System & Application Logs

Collect, search, and correlate all of your Kubernetes log data and control it through a single platform.

14-Day Log Retention
Unlimited Log Ingest
Trigger Alerts
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Aggregate all log data onto a single platform.

Real-time Cluster-Level and Application Logging

Automatically collect anything logged inside your cluster from your internal applications and Kubernetes system components
Search logs by pod, message, timestamp, or cluster. Filter log data by specific date ranges or times of the day
Easy alerting and correlations (ex alert on log message, correlate to traces)
Log data is stored for 14-days by default. Longer-term storage available for enterprise-level plans

“Everything is all in one place

Instead of installing separate logging, monitoring, and APM agents, everything is all in one place. In the first week, we found an error in the logs that we didn’t know was happening.

Ken Ahrens
Co-founder & CTO

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