On-Prem Kubernetes Monitoring

Get up and running quickly with an out-of-the-box and on-prem solution. Access a thoughtfully designed set of tools for monitoring, logging, tracing, and troubleshooting in highly secure environments.

Dedicated Support
On-Prem or In-Cloud
Reduce Costs

Finally. A complete on-prem solution for Kubernetes monitoring and troubleshooting.

On-Prem, In-Cloud, or SaaS

Run ContainIQ on-prem, in-cloud, or with our SaaS offering
View and correlate metrics, logs, events, latencies, and traces with an on-prem solution
Easily create alerts to get notified on significant changes across your on-prem infrastructure
Affordable and simple pricing model designed for organizations of all sizes

“We used ContainIQ as a drop-in replacement

“It’s all about knowing when to do things manually, and when to let a tool handle the work for us. Using ContainIQ enables us to spend our time actually working on our platform, instead of configuring observability.”

Dan Goodman
Co-founder & CEO

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