Monitor System-Wide Changes in One Clear View

Clear view into deployment health, events, and CPU and MEM limits. 1-click correlate workload health directly to changes in your codebase.

Auto Instrumentation
Git Integration
Troubleshoot Faster
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Troubleshoot faster by mapping deployment health directly to changes in your codebase.

Monitor Deployment Health Automatically

View all existing and new workloads inside of your cluster, automatically.
Troubleshoot faster. Correlate unhealthy workloads directly to changes in your codebase.
Quickly understand deployment CPU and Memory over the past 10 minutes.
Filter healthy and unhealthy deployments across specific namespaces or the entire cluster.

“We used ContainIQ as a drop-in replacement

“It’s all about knowing when to do things manually, and when to let a tool handle the work for us. Using ContainIQ enables us to spend our time actually working on our platform, instead of configuring observability.”

Dan Goodman
Co-founder & CEO

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