Trace Requests Down to Specific Endpoints

View path, method, status code, latency, and payloads for each individual request. 1-click correlations to logs and metrics help you remediate faster and reduce downtime.

Auto Instrumentation
Unlimited Trace Ingest
Search and Filter
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Access immediate, no-code tracing directly from the kernel.

Real-time tracing data for all URL paths

View all incoming and outgoing requests alongside metadata
Graph P99, P95, average latency, and error rate over time for each URL path
Correlate logs for a specific trace, useful for debugging when problems arise
Trace Payloads to view what was contained in the payload causing a specific error

“We used ContainIQ as a drop-in replacement

It’s all about knowing when to do things manually, and when to let a tool handle the work for us. Using ContainIQ enables us to spend our time actually working on our platform, instead of configuring observability.

Dan Goodman
Co-founder & CEO

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