CPAG's work in Scotland

We work for the one in four children in Scotland growing up in poverty.
woman showing young child something in her hand

We collect evidence from families living in poverty and campaign for solutions to bring about a society where children have a fair chance in life free from hardship. We provide training, advice and information on social security to frontline workers to make sure families get the financial support they need.

Training and events

We have a full programme of online training courses designed to help frontline advisers and workers in Scotland stay informed and up-to-date.

Support for advisers

Free, expert advice on benefit and tax credit issues if you’re a frontline adviser or support worker.

Benefits in Scotland

Information about benefits in Scotland for advisers and support workers.

Campaigns in Scotland

CPAG project work in Scotland

Some of our projects are across the UK, with specific work going on in Scotland.

Other projects are unique to Scotland. We're currently undertaking a research project into Scottish child payment, best start grants and best start foods. The project is running from December 2023 to December 2025, with funding from the Robertson Trust.

Strengthening Social Security project

News from CPAG in Scotland

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