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Training bookings

  1. Course and seminar fees must be paid beforehand.
  2. If for any reason you need to cancel the booking the following cancellation fees apply:
    • If you cancel more than 28 days from the course or seminar date a £25 cancellation fee will apply.
    • If you cancel more than 14 days from the course or seminar date a 50% charge of the course fee will apply.
    • If you cancel within 14 days of the course or seminar date you will be charged the full course cost.

Cancellations should be made in writing to [email protected]

  1. Courses and seminars are subject to cancellation if there are insufficient bookings to make the event viable. This can be done up to 2 weeks from the date of the course. If you are making travel arrangements, please wait until this point or call us to confirm that course will run.
  2. If for any reason you wish to transfer your place to a place on another course or seminar on another date, the following fees apply:
    • If you transfer more than 28 days from the event date, no charge applies.
    • If you transfer between 14 and 28 days from the event date, 25% of the course fee will be charged.
    • If you wish to transfer between 7 and 14 days of the event date, 50% of the course fee will be charged.

We do not accept transfers within 7 days of the course place and this would be seen as a cancellation.

We are happy for you to send a colleague in your place. Let us know in advance via email.

Transfers should be made in writing to [email protected].

Purchasing through this website

Any payments taken via this website or through our donations platform, act.cpag.org.uk, are handled securely via our payment provider, Stripe.

In some instances, (eg. the purchasing of books), we will need to send your contact details to third parties to fulfil orders that you place with us. For full details, please view our Privacy policy.


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Refund policy

For book purchasing, event bookings and subscriptions, see our Refund policy.

Privacy policy

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Website disclaimer 

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Room hire


1. Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) accepts the request for room hire as set out on the attached confirmation (the booking) upon the terms and conditions set out below. The person signing the request overleaf is ‘the customer’. The terms of the booking may only be varied by the written consent of CPAG signed by an authorised representative of CPAG.

Refusal of entry

2. CPAG reserves the right to refuse entry to persons if, in CPAG’s opinion, such persons cannot be safely accommodated in the rooms allocated or the numbers of such persons would be likely to cause a breach of health and safety or any other statutory regulations affecting CPAG.


3. (a) Payment shall be made by the customer to CPAG within 30 days of the room hire.

(b) CPAG reserves the right to retain any payments received when a cancellation is made of the booking in accordance with the cancellation charges set out in clause 4.

(c) CPAG reserves the right to cancel the booking (and, where appropriate, require the customer and its staff, employees and invitees to leave) in the event of the customer failing to perform any its obligation herein.

Payment on termination

4. If this contract shall be terminated or cancelled by the CPAG in accordance with (d) above or by the customer, the customer will pay CPAG (together, where chargeable, with Value Added Tax) 25% of the anticipated total cost at CPAG’s current normal charges if the termination or cancellation takes place once official has been issued or 100% of such amount of termination or cancellation takes place within 14 days of the date booked.


5. Cancellation and amendments of services by the the customer

The cancellation charge to the customer depends on the period of notice given, as detailed below:

More than 28 days -  a £25 cancellation fee will apply

More than 14 days - 50% of room hire will be charged

Less than 14 days - 100% of room hire will be charged.

CPAG’s liability

6 (a) CPAG’s liability to the customer if it fails to carry out its obligations shall be no greater than the amount already paid by the customer to CPAG in respect of the booking

(b) If for reasons beyond CPAG’s control the accommodation reserved cannot be made available to the customer, CPAG reserves the right to substitute similar or comparable accommodation where possible and such substitution shall be accepted by the customer as satisfactory performance by CPAG of its obligation hereunder to provide the accommodation so reserved. If similar or comparable accommodation cannot be obtained, CPAG reserves the right to cancel the booking.

(c) CPAG does not accept liability for loss of or damage to any object, equipment, furniture, stock or other property of any sort brought onto the premises by the customer or hired by CPAG on the customer’s behalf. The customer acknowledges that any such objects, equipment, furniture, stock or other property or any sort will remain under the control and care of the customer and that the customer is in the best position to insure such property and accordingly it is reasonable for CPAG to exclude liability for such property to the extent excluded hereby.

(d) Nothing in this clause (5) affects CPAG’s liability for personal injury or death suffered by the customer as a result of CPAG’s negligence.

Responsibility of customer (other than payment)

7. The customer agrees CPAG’s premises shall be vacated at the time agreed between the customer and CPAG.

8. The customer agrees to pay CPAG charges for any goods and services provided by CPAG at the request of the customer or any person purporting to act on behalf of the customer and having ostensible authority to do so other than those the subject of other provisions of this contract.

9. The customer will take every precaution not to damage or injure any person or any property of CPAG. The customer shall satisfy all claims founded on any such damage or injure whether such claims are made by CPAG or by a third party against CPAG or the customer. The customer agrees to indemnify CPAG from and against claims by third parties (including the employees, staff and sub-contractors of the customer) in connection with the event. Notwithstanding the foregoing nothing in this condition shall render the customer liable in respect of any death, injury or damage caused solely by any negligent act or omission of CPAG, its servants or agents.

10 (a) The customer will ensure the orderly and seemly conduct of all persons using CPAG’s facilities. CPAG reserves the right to exclude or eject any persons from the premises whom it reasonably considers objectionable and the customer will be liable in respect of any liability arising thereby save where the customer establishes negligence or bad faith by CPAG.

In particular will conform with CPAG’s health and safety policy and the sexual/racial harassment aspects of CPAG’s equal opportunities policy.

(b) The customer will provide details of the function as set out in the booking form in respect of which the booking is made and any other information which CPAG may require.

(c) The customer will ensure that the function will be conducted and that persons attending it will not behave in any way which will or may constitute a breach of the law or cause a nuisance or be an infringement of or occasion for or render possible forfeiture or endorsement or non renewal of licenses for the premises or conflict with CPAG’s fire certificates.