Driving electrical testing forward in the automotive sector.

Testing the performance of cab wire harnesses, door systems and chassis assemblies is a vital part of the automotive production process.

We’re working with a growing number of customers in the industry, particularly for fleet vehicles such as buses, as well as eVehicles and eTrucks.

Our products enable rapid and automatic testing of many key components, helping you streamline your production processes whilst ensuring quality.

Did you know?

An EV car contains around 80% more copper than a similar-sized conventional car, with the motor alone containing more than a mile of copper wiring.

Ensuring the wiring is made and fitted correctly is where we come in.

Main AUTOMOTIVE Applications

3.2 Automotive application 1 wire and cable harness assembly

Wire and cable harness assembly

3.2 Automotive application 2 equipped assembly and function testing

Equipped assembly and function testing

3.2 Automotive application 3 Insulation testing of HV cables

Insulation testing of HV cables

3.2 Automotive application 4 functional testing of autonomous safety systems

Functional testing of autonomous safety systems

3.2 Automotive application 5 functional testing of components

Functional testing of components

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