You’re on the right track for faster, easier testing of trains.

Our test equipment is ideally suited to the demands of rail vehicle production, enabling testing of all electrical systems in accordance with standard EN50343.

Major global train manufacturers including Alstom, CAF and CRRC use our test systems in their manufacturing plants, as well as OEMs for wire & cable harnesses and door manufacturers.

Did you know?

The global rolling stock manufacturing industry was around US $51.6 billion in 2020.

Wherever your role fits in this supply chain, we can improve your testing processes.

Main applications for trains

3.6 Train applications 1 cable harness assembly

Cable harness assembly

3.6 Train applications 2 equipped assembly and function testing

Equipped assembly and function testing

Trains - Automatic door system testing

Automatic door system testing

3.6 Train applications 4 power distribution

Power distribution

Trains: test as you build

Test as you build

Trains: final assembly testing

Final assembly testing

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