Case Studies & application notes


Our case studies feature customers from all over the world and in a variety of sectors.  We hope to feature you here soon!

Case studies - aerospace blrt case study

Aerospace | BLRT

Case studies - Airbus

Airbus | Aerospace | BLTU

CS-2021-2 CRRC case study

CRRC | Trains | Automeg

Several new white trucks lined up next to each other.

Daimler Trucks North America | eVehicles | Automeg + Loop testing

Itel case study

Itel | Harness | Automeg

MAC Panel case study

MAC Panel | Defence | Automeg

A close up on a clock in a train station.

Motherson | Assemblies for Trains | Automeg

Case studies - Pandect

Pandect | Slip Ring Tester

CS-2021-1 PZL case study

PZL | Aerospace | Automeg

CS-2020-4 santon case study

Santon Switchgear | Trains | Automeg

Inside the Ventura Systems factory showing the MK Test System Automeg in use

Ventura Systems | Door Systems | Automeg


These downloads provide details of applications for specific sectors - they frequently include ROI and use cases.

A palette of goods is standing on the runway in the foreground of the image. In the bnackground a plane is waiting, with its cargo door open. The sun is shining.

Aircraft cargo conversions

An electric truck is plugged in at a charging station.

Electric vehicles

A train line is shown at sunset. A train rushes past in a blue. The sky is blue, orange, yellow, pink and purple. There are several overhead cables.

Train manufacturing

Widget DoD electrical testing

US Department of Defense

Offshore wind turbines positioned in a line. The water is calm and the sky is blue with no clouds.

Wind turbines


Short and to-the-point, these documents provide details of specific application examples focusing on system specs and application types.

Application note trains

Automeg M2500 | Trains

Application note thumbnail for LRU repair

Automeg D2500 | Aircraft LRU repair

An application note PDF thumbnail

BLRT | Testing refueling pods for military aircraft