We’re growing this BLRT and BLTU FAQs article – it’s still very new and looking a bit bare! Please get in touch with us with your BLRT and BLTU questions and we can help make this article a useful source of information for the future.

How do I login to the BLTU or BLTU4?

Once the system is powered on, click the MK software logo to get started.

The login screen will then be displayed – enter the following login details:

  • User: operator
  • Password: Mktest21013

How do I update the software on my BLTU or BLTU4?

We recommend that a backup is done first using “MKAT Data Tools”:

  • Exit the software
  • Run MKAT Data Tools
  • Back up all data / config
  • Uninstall the software
  • Install the new version

Have more BLRT and BLTU questions?

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